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School Facilities

Our campus is nestled in Northeast Grand Rapids, and our school is much more than just four walls.

We are constantly improving and upgrading and very proud of our technology in every classroom. Every classroom has a smartboard, which allows for high-quality education and provides every student cutting-edge technology at their fingertips.

Our gym is bright, beautiful, and the center of our school. Whether it is a schoolwide meeting, an athletic event, or a gym class, everyone loves being in our gymnasium.

Our services for students and families are expanding. We believe not only in providing the best education possible to every student, but also in providing needed services to our kids.

We provide social workers in our schools on a daily basis—and we are one of the only schools in the area to offer that crucial service.

We have a homeless liaison to help those students and families who are struggling with their housing situation.

Our school provide a parental liaison, who works with the staff and parents to serve the needs of the family.

Our students and teachers have access to an instructional coach. These coaches provide support to teachers to develop and grow their skills. Our coaches also offer more hands in the classroom to provide individual instruction to each student.

Finally, we also provide a behavior strategist, who is available to assist with character development so students can be self-taught and self-led, giving them the tools to think independently and become successful.

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