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At Abney, our goals are your goals—to see your child succeed at school and ensure they have the tools to succeed in life.  We work as a team to provide the best-possible resources, including one to one technology, individual mentoring, needed services for students and their families, and transportation.


We would like to show you our facilities and talk to you about your child’s future.  Please contact us at:


1435 Fulton St. East

Grand Rapids, MI 49503

t: 616-454-5541

f: 616-454-5598


Section 504 of the Revised School Code states that public school academies shall neither charge tuition nor discriminate in pupil admissions policies or practices on the basis of intellectual or athletic ability, measures of achievement or aptitude, status as a handicapped person, or any other basis that would be illegal if used by a Michigan public school district.


  • Academy enrollment shall be open to all individuals who reside in Michigan. Except for a foreign exchange student who is not a United States citizen, a public school academy shall not enroll a pupil who is not a Michigan resident.

  • Academy admissions may be limited to pupils within a particular age range/grade level or on any other basis that would be legal if used by a Michigan public school district.

  • The Academy Board may establish a policy providing enrollment priority to siblings of currently enrolled pupils. However, the Academy may not provide a preference to children of Board members or Academy employees.

  • The Academy shall allow any pupil who was enrolled in the immediately preceding academic year to re-enroll in the appropriate age range/grade level unless that grade is not offered.

  • No student may be denied participation in the application process due to lack of student records.

  • If the Academy receives more applications for enrollment than there are spaces available, pupils shall be selected for enrollment through a random selection drawing.

Application Process

  • The application period shall be a minimum of two weeks in duration.

  • The Academy shall accept applications all year. If openings occur during the academic year, students shall be enrolled. If openings do not exist, applicants shall be placed on the official waiting list. The waiting list shall cease to exist at the beginning of the next application period.

  • In the event there are openings in the class for which students have applied, students shall be admitted according to the official waiting list. The position on the waiting list shall be determined by the random selection drawing. If there is no waiting list, students shall be admitted on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • The Academy, being an equal opportunity educational institution, shall be committed to good-faith affirmative action efforts to seek out, create and serve a diverse student body.

Re-enrolling Students

  • The Academy shall notify parents or guardians of all enrolled students of the deadline for notifying the Academy that they wish to re-enroll their child.

  • If the Academy Board has a sibling preference policy, the re-enrollment notice must also request that the parent or guardian indicate whether a sibling(s) seeks to enroll for the upcoming academic year.

  • An enrolled student who does not re-enroll by the specified date can only apply to the Academy during the application period for new students.

  • An applicant on the waiting list at the time a new application period begins must reapply as a new student.

  • After collecting the parent or guardian responses, the Academy must determine the following:

    • The number of students who have re-enrolled per grade or grouping level.

    • The number of siblings seeking admission for the upcoming academic year per grade.

    • If space is unavailable, the Academy must develop a waiting list for siblings of re-enrolled students.

    • The number of spaces remaining, per grade, after enrollment of current students and siblings.

Random Selection Drawing

A random selection drawing is required if the number of applications exceeds the number of available spaces.

The Academy shall notify applicants not chosen in the random selection drawing that they were not selected and that their name has been placed on the Academy’s official waiting list for openings that may occur during the academic year. Students shall appear on the official waiting list in the order they were selected in the random selection drawing.

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