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At the William C. Abney Academy (WCAA), we are a family, united in the quest to help our students succeed.  We are more than just a school.  We want to be a community center that provides resources for our kids and their families. 


Our Values Statement:

We value trust, integrity, honesty, respect, teamwork, accountability, leadership, and relationships. We are committed to putting our students, parents, and community first and to treating all with kindness and dignity. We take full responsibility for our actions and work as a team to take on challenges, address opportunities, and develop solutions. We hold ourselves accountable to our students, employees, and community.


We were established in 1998 by the late Bishop William C. Abney, pastor of Bethel Pentecostal Church.  He was a great humanitarian and a strong spiritual leader.  As a forward-thinking leader in our community, he knew that we had to do something different for our community to thrive. That’s why he launched our school.


Just like Bishop Abney, we’re always looking forward.  We think innovatively about how we can reach all students and families to help them reach their full potential. You’ll see this difference throughout our school.

We are a tuition-free public school operated under the public school academy governance structure, is authorized by (received its charter from) Grand Valley State University (GVSU).  When students graduate from Abney, they graduate prepared for what’s ahead. Prepared academically for high school. Prepared with the self-motivation and tools needed to succeed in college. And prepared with the strength of character that’s essential to live a well-balanced life.

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